How to Pick the Right Medical Laboratory Technician Program

What do you want to do after you graduate from high school or college? For some people that is a tough Medical Laboratory Technician Collegequestion. I know for myself it was a difficult task to figure out what I wanted to do and matching my goals with my strong qualities. After high school I went to a four year college and got a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology. After not finding much work in that field I struggled to know what to do next. I spent time researching different schools I could go to that could better fit my career goals. I searched numerous schools before I decided on the community college that had the degree of Medical Laboratory Technician. I then expanded my search come just local schools to colleges and universities that had a Medical Laboratory Technician program and were three hours away from my home. I knew I did not want to move across the country since I enjoyed living close to family and friends.

After thinking and examining my own life for the strengths and qualities that I had I knew that the medical field was a good fit because it combined science and interactions with patients. I thought about what kind of careers I could do in the medical field and came across the Medical Laboratory field. I researched schools in the area and saw that there were several that were close to where I lived. I then set about researching each school figuring out the price, how long it would take to graduate and how likely I would get a job after I graduated.

After I spent time thinking about the schools I finally came up with my choice. It was a one year intensive program that would give me a great opportunity to get into the field sooner than the other schools I was considering.

A college has to pick you since you are applying to get into the school but you also are choosing the school, meaning they have to meet your standards. There are many things to look for when applying and looking at a potential college or universities. Here are some things to think about as you make your choice:


It seems like colleges now are too expensive for the education they give you. I don’t want to spend as much money to buy a new car on a degree and not have a guarantee of solid employment at the end. That is what happened to me when I got my Bachelor’s degree. I spent a lot of money on the education but was unable to get a job in my field.

Likelihood of Getting a Job

Examine the school to make sure that previous graduates are able to find gainful employment in their field. You should email or call the admissions office and talk to an Admissions Counselor. You should also contact the instructor to see what data they have on their alumni. Also, be sure to do research on the internet and see if the job market looks promising and sustainable.

Consider the “Fit” of School

Visit the campus, sit in on a class and talk to current students to get a sense of what the campus environment is truly like. I knew when I was pursing my Bachelor’s degree that I would not fit in very well with a large school. I knew I would do better with a small class sizes and access to teachers. When I chose my Medical Laboratory Technician school, I visualized myself being there and thought about being at the school for the next few days. This allowed me to make an informed decision.


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