How to Find Employment as a Medical Laboratory Scientist

There are many people who complete the challenges and rigors of a technical education program to become a Medical Laboratory Scientist. However, walking across the stage at graduation is just one of many steps to ensuring you can have a great career in the Medical Laboratory field. In order to find employment you need to know what you are looking for and what to expect from the interview process so that you can come away with a job.

After graduating from your school program be sure to update your cover letter and resume. If you had an internship during your training make sure you include that in your material so employers can see that you are certified. Finding Work - Medical Laboratory ScientistFor example, on my cover letter I stated that I was able to make a slide and could differentiate between different white cells. I also included when I would have my ASCP certificate complete. For some, you may already have passed your ASCP certification, so be sure to note that on your documentation. Lastly, I informed them I was able to work any shift and work any department. My first position in a laboratory was working in the Microbiology Department and that came about due to my being open in my application materials.

After updating your work history and education on your resume you want to begin your search for positions that could fit your specifications. Before I began my search in earnest I reached out to my internship site. After graduation I talked to my former supervisor to inform him that I was interested in staying there in a permanent position. We stayed in touch and I made it a point to reach out to him every week. In addition to speaking to my contacts I also used many online job websites such as Monster and Indeed to help aid my search. After conducting searches and submitting many cover letters and resumes I heard back from a small clinic. The position would entail blood draws and working part time hour. It was not an ideal situation but for someone fresh out of school it was a good way to get experience. I decided to take the position so that I could build up my experience while I continued looking for something that was a better fit. Having experience in this field is a must. I had a fellow classmate move to a different city after graduation and they were not able to find employment because they waited too long.

After updating your cover letter and resume focus on what kind of hospital or clinic you would want to work at. Ask yourself if a clinic would be better than a large hospital. You can still look even if you have a job already. Finding the right work environment for you is a must. I wanted to work at a medium sized hospital since the larger ones can tend to be overwhelming. I targeted a few hospitals I had in mind and applied to them. It took some time but I finally got to a hospital that I wanted to work at.

If you are able to look for positions immediately after graduation, focusing on the type of laboratory setting you wish to work in, and updating your relevant experience on your application materials can lead to a successful job search. Like most types of employment not having experience will make it hard to get a job. The medicalĀ  laboratory scientist field moves fast and by moving fast after graduation you increase your chances of finding good work opportunities. Good luck on your job search.

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