I was born and raised on the west coast. When I went to college I studied psychology. I have always had an interest in the medical field but was not sure where exactly I fit. My brother happened to work at a college that offered a Medical MLT TestLaboratory Technician program and he suggested that I apply. After thinking about it for several days I decided that I would apply and see if it was a good fit for me. It was an intensive one year program which included a six month internship at an local area hospital.

I graduated from the college with an associate’s degree in Medical Laboratory Technician. I then focused on studying and passing the MLT test to make it official. I initially got a job at the hospital where I had interned. After working there six months, I transitioned to another local hospital with more hours and a better situation. I have worked at that hospital for the past four years. Wanting to advance my career, I decided to take the Medical Laboratory Scientist exam. I was able to take the exam without having to attend an additional MLS program due to already having a bachelor’s degree. I was deficient in a few key credit areas so I took two additional chemistry classes at a local college. In doing so, I was qualified to apply to take the Medical Laboratory Scientist exam. I was able to pass using my sound study plan, proven study techniques and strong work ethic.

I had such a hard time finding quality information on how to study and how to apply for the exam that I decided to create a website and study guide that includes what I have learned by providing a system that can help people pass their MLT or MLS exam.